Golden Syrup for Mooncake

Golden Syrup for Mooncake is made from maltose and other materials. It is mainly used for making moon cake crust. Golden Syrup for Mooncake is yellow or orange. Because consumers in the market often report that the moon cake is too sweet and greasy, Golden Syrup for Mooncake is converted to refined corn starch as the raw material. Through the advanced enzymatic conversion production process, the special syrup for moon cake is specially produced for the production and processing of moon cake. Golden Syrup for Mooncake does not contain sucrose, and its sweetness is slightly lower than that of sucrose.

The sweet taste is mild, pure, cool and refreshing, And the special syrup for moon cakes has the sweet flavor peculiar to honey. It is a good helper for mooncake manufacturers and bakers. It plays an important role in producing soft mooncakes such as double yellow white lotus paste mooncakes and hard mooncakes such as five kernels.

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